Winter Weather Management & Maintenance

When winter weather strikes, we strike back. Blue Mountain Services is responsible for properties ranging from single-family homes to apartment complexes, entire neighborhoods through different Home Owner Associations where we remove snow from every driveway, sidewalk, road, and to the door service.

We make sure several medical facilities, utility providers, and many more residential & commercial clients are able to safely access their properties as well as customers, patients and clients. We understand the importance of your property being safely accessible during winter weather events and the importance of maintaining your normal parking, working, and traffic schedules. Before the first flake falls, we’re ready to address any icy or slippery conditions presented when winter weather arrives. With a fleet of modern equipment Blue Mountain Services has what it takes to be the solution to your snow and ice management needs. We tailor a site-specific plan that will allow your property to be accessible in a safe manner to your staff, clients, residents, and customers during winter weather events.