Blue Mountain Services is an all-inclusive property management & maintenance company

Owning property comes with responsibility and investment. Blue Mountain Services LLC is a one-stop solution for your commercial, industrial, and residential property maintenance needs.

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We get work done so you can rest easy.

Some of the services we offer include full landscape & tree services, systems repair & maintenance services, building demolition, land clearing & grubbing, forestry mulching & mowing, janitorial & commercial cleaning, and many other property related services. Blue Mountain Services offers goods and services throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. Our clients include residential property and landowners, homeowner associations, educational institutions, real estate investors, hospitality companies, government entities & groups, commercial real estate managers & owners, and many other civilian and professional groups.

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Landscaping Services

From bare ground to stunning results, Blue Mountain Services has the answers to your landscaping needs. If you’re looking to turn your yard from “OK” to “No Way!” we can help.

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Winter Weather Management & Maintenance

When winter weather strikes, we strike back. Blue Mountain Services is responsible for properties ranging from single family homes to apartment complexes, entire neighborhoods through different Home Owner Associations where we remove snow from every driveway, sidewalk, road, and to the door service.

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Waste Hauling & Junk Removal

If you have junk issues, we have solutions. If it’s a hot tub, refrigerator, a property someone has abandoned, junk you’ve been meaning to get rid of, we can help.

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Tree Services

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead, dying, and hazardous trees. Removals can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to thrive.

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Construction Services

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Blue Mountain Services is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs and requests. We work with our customers to come up with an easy to understand and budget friendly plan that works to address their needs and expectations from any project, regardless of size. Managing a commercial property can be all-consuming, and our job is to make it that much easier for you. Blue Mountain Services LLC is a one-stop-shop solution for our customers and all of their property needs.

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Janitorial Commercial Cleaning & Residential Home Cleaning

The health and cleanliness of your home and business is of vital importance to your success. When clients come into your facility, a dirty office will not inspire confidence in your abilities.

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Demolition Services

Blue Mountain Services offers building demolition options to our clients. If you’re looking to tear down an entire commercial complex, a residence, a mobile home, fill a swimming pool, tear out a kitchen, or any other demolition need.

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