About Us

Blue Mountain Services is an all inclusive property maintenance company. With over 100+ services available, you only need to make one phone call. We offer a variety of facility and property management services including full landscape services, demolition services, tree services, janitorial services, building cleaning services, snow removal, janitorial, construction and other services. We can create a  maintenance plan that focuses on your property needs year round, 365 24/7 in any and every situational need.

Property maintenance is any preventive or reactive maintenance action taken to keep a property fully functional, and operating in its best condition.

Property maintenance includes a wide range of responsibilities and requests. A few of these might include responding to a tenant’s maintenance requests, maintaining landscaping, winter weather management, servicing and repairing HVAC systems, performing pest control, or even cleaning or painting common areas. Safety inspections are also an important component of property maintenance, as malfunctioning equipment (i.e. alarm systems) or unsafe conditions can be a major liability.

Failing to perform property maintenance can result in serious consequences; thus, as you might imagine, there are several advantages to implementing regular property maintenance.