Photo Gallery

A collection of work photos.

A residential home owner wanted an overgrown area cut and prepped for bulb planting. The area was cut in the Spring of 2020 and 500 daffodil bulbs were planted in the Fall of 2020.

The City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania required the removal of 5 trees that had become hazardous to local residents and property.

Blue Mountain Services LLC offers rough terrain mowing and land management services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Including fence lines, open spaces, and retention ponds.

We offer full service cleaning of buildings including exterior cleaning and treatments such as soft washing of shingle roofs and interior cleaning plans.

An industrial maintenance project. These fiberglass skylights allow natural light into work areas. This project included 75 skylights. These are some before and after cleaning photos.

Tree projects throughout our service area.

Lawn maintenance and related services.

Winter Weather Management